Feb 16 2011

Flexible Space Bring Flexible Warehousing!

Warehouse spaces must also be flexible enough to adapt to future operations and storage needs. Please look at this picture:

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Feb 16 2011

Creating a Logistics Strategy

What Is a Logistics Strategy?

When a company creates a logistics strategy it is defining the service levels at which its logistics organization is at its most cost effective. Because supply chains are constantly changing and evolving, a company may develop a number of logistics strategies for specific product lines, specific countries or specific customers. Read more »

Feb 12 2011

New Year wish

After a happy new year holiday, I really enjoy my time at home, living with families and having dinner with families are very happy.

It goes without saying that, home life is pleased, after all, time at home is short, and I can’t always stay at home because I must back to work to make money.

At the beginning of New Year, my new year wish is that I can achieve great success in my job and get high salary. There is a saying, No pain, No gain. In order to gain returns, I have to woek hard. In Yashang tents Shenzhen Co., Ltd., I decided to challenge myself by setting a goal to see if I can get 160 inquiries each month according to improve the method of backstage management. Of course, this is just a part of my job, but I want to make progress step by step.

In the new year, I hope everyone can happy eareyday and succeed at whatever you try!

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