Mar 29 2012

The 500th episode of The Simpsons will be on show in the Clear Span Tent Theater

“The Simpsons” was put on the stage in a grand Clear Span Tent next to the Hollywood Kodak Theater in the Canifornia, United States ,on Febrary 9, 2012.

“The Simpsons”, created by Matt Grenoble ,is an animation situation comedy of the Fox Broadcasting Company. By means of presenting the family life of Homer , Margie, Bart ,Lisa and Maggie ,it ironically describes the American people’s way of living especially in the heartland of the United States. It humorousely satires the cultural of America ,America society ,man’s conditions and television itself ,which is named as the greatest TV show in the 20th century

The acting scenes of “The Simpsons” was in a large outdoor clear span tent with very cartoon appearance design and interior decorations ,Such as the conspicuous writings of “The Simpsons” on the yellow tent roof and the lovely cartoon creatures on the glass windows. Therefore, visitors at the first glance can be sure that this is the tent theater of “The Simpsons”.

Mar 29 2012

The United States “Super Bowl” event using Canopy Stadium

“Super bowl ” is the annual championship of  the  United States Football League (USFL). Due to its highest TV ratings for many years in America, this sport event has gradually become one of the unofficial national festivals in the country .

However ,a big tragedy happened in the Super Bowl Concert  in Indianapolis ,the state capital of Indiana, in August 13,2011 . The makeshift stage  collapsed because there came the very sudden and strong winds . Eventually, it caused 7 death and more than 40 injured .Therefore, the host of the Super Bowl are paying more attention to the set up of the site. After the scientific investigation and data analysis, they finally choose the canopy tents as the temporary buildings of this event . The canopy tents are of the high structure strength ,and good performance of wind resistance . In order to prevent the tragedy from happening again , the heating system was added inside the canopy  tents at the same time  ,thus the canopy tent roof will not collapse because of the heavy  pressure of the ice and snow .

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