Apr 28 2012

Another Successful cooperation with Saudi Arabia

A good news came from Yashang Tents Shenzhen Co., Ltd in the middle of August :  another order of 10 thousand square meters of tents came from the second cooperation with Saudi Arabia .

Previously, yashang has already concluded many trade orders with Middle East customers, including Saudi Arabia. We learned through customers’ feedback information that our products are very popular in Saudi Arabia for our supreme quality and advanced tent structures.  Meanwhile, the reputation of yashang has already spread in Saudi and accepted by the most of Saudi residents . This is another important factors why they choose us .

Yashang won customers’ trust and acceptance through reliable product qualities ,advanced designs and good after-sales services over the passed years . Yashang tents have been exported to Europe, Middle East ,South Africa ,South America and Canada ,etc.  The brand influence of yashang is gradually spread around the globe .

Apr 26 2012

Light PVC Aluminum Tent

Yashang Tent Shenzhen Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of light PVC aluminum frame tents .

Yashang tents have been exported to the Middle East , Europe,Australia,Canada ,South Africa and South America .

It sells well also in the domestic provinces and cities .The span width  ranges from 6 meters to 40 meters .

Product models can be customized so as to fully meet different customers’ requirement .

Yashang tents have a variety of advantages ,for example, quick to set up ,easy to be transported, light in weight ,small storage volumes and strong wind resistance .

Yashang tents  are one of the best supporting equipment  for outdoor celebrations ,temporary warehouses and exhibitions ,etc.

Apr 24 2012

Solar tent : new generation of tents

Nowdays, tents have a wide range of applications ,for example , party event tents, industrial warehouse tent, sports and leisure tent ,exhibitions tent and military tent ,etc .In addition to this , tent has a further development in the military applications .

A solar tent has been developed recently by U.S military .

The roof top of the tent has a layer of soft amorphous silicon instead of the common hard solar panels.This solar tent can easily be folded up .According to the size of the installation areas, the generation power can vary from 800 watts to 3000 watts .If in desert and other sunny strips ,this solar tent is able to satisfy the daily power consumption needs of a small troop

Apr 20 2012

Chinese well-known show host and famous pop singer tied the knot in a tent

Xiena ,the famous entertainment show host ,hold her wedding ceremony with Zhangjie ,one of the well-known pop singer, in Shangri-la city ,yunnan province ,on September 26 .

On the site, there were more than ten fabric wedding party tents decorated with white roses and pink hydrangeas .The white curtains blew in the wind left a very deep romantic impression for the guests .

Nowadays,more and more young people like to hold their wedding party in the open air ,for example , grassland ,mountains and beaches, etc. .These places usually have empty spaces and very close to nature and easy to create a romantic wedding ceremony with a little bourgeoisie taste .

People may worried about the illuminative costs and weather conditions because the wedding banquet was held outdoor .

In fact ,all these considerations can be solved by Yashang Tent Shenzhen ,Co., Ltd .Yashang build professionally all kinds of economic and practical wedding tents for new couples .All tents are for sale and for rent .The elegant and changeable exterior modeling as well as magnificent internal decorations brings the wedding ceremony with vogue ,joy and love .

For more information please log onto our website : www.szyashang.com

Apr 19 2012

Paris Hilton hold her private birthday party in a tent

Paris Hilton, the well-known popular American star and the heir of Hilton Hotel, hold a very unique private birthday party in a villain in Bel Air city, USA,on February 17 ,2012

It was reported that Paris Hilton’s birthday party was arranged by her company called “night vision entertainment”. In order to create a masquerade party atmosphere ,the host party built particularly a large clear span tent in the villa’s tennis court .This tent was used as a  special venue for party

The tent ceiling lining and side walls adopted the black villone ,this color made the tent become all black .Decorated with the exquisite internal tent accessories, this birthday party tent looks extraordinary

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