May 31 2012

Golden Pebble Beach- the food and wine tasting party

Golden pebble beach food &wine tasting party was duly held in Spain in 2012. More than 250 distilleries  from all over the world took part in this activity .Moreover, there involved 75  best Spanish cooks ,such as Thomas Keller, kristol Phillips , Nancy, Michael, Tom and Roy ,etc.

The ticket prices were ranging from 250 USD to 1250 USD as the places differ . There were five star top hotels as well as outdoor transparent marquee tents to provide participant with different style of environment .The excellent cooks ,delicious food and pure wine all brought for the participants a different sense both in the visual and the taste.

For example , the popular cook Tom provided fried chicken liver with poured chili pepper source and tequila on Saturday’s Spanish bay cocktail party .The transparent party event marquee  tent filled with passion and zeal with the Spanish dance floor, dazzle lights and passionate music . All attendees were excited and each simple details brough the atmosphere to the climax.

May 29 2012

Fire Safety Training

In order to strengthen the enterprise safety culture construction and improve staff’s awareness of safety as well as to ensure the security of life and property . Recently, Yashang Tent Shenzhen Co.,Ltd hired the professional instructors from Guanlan Fire Control Center and carried out a  training of fire control .

This training combined the method of theory explaination and fire drill simulation . In the theory part, the instructors mainly gave a theoretical explanation of the fire common sense ,including the characteristics of fire, fire prevention methods ,fire extinguish methods ,fire equipment use method,fire escape method and so on. In the meantime ,the instructors analyzed a few major fire cases happened recently in China to deepen employee’s understanding of fire.

In the fire drill simulation part, yashang staff joined the drill simulation one by one .They worn a  gas mask and held a fire extinguisher, with the instructors’ interpretation of “Shake, pull, press ” ,yashang staff  quickly put out the “fire”.

Through this training,yashang staff gained a further understanding of the importance of fire safety and grasped the basic knowledge of fire prevention and improved the ability of fire escape.

Actually ,yashang Tent Shenzhen Co., Ltd have continuously paid a great attention to the corporate culture construction over the years. This culture construction will definitely lay a solid foundation for yashang’s internationalization and modernization in the future.

May 25 2012

Audi A3 Elite Challenge

Audi A3 elite challenge was held in the national standard racing track in a car park in Yulin city, Shanxi province ,November 27,2011.

 As always, Audi promoted their dynamic design ,exciting driving force and outstanding control performance to interpret the brand concept of “technology breakthrough,  inspire the future”.In order to let more customers enjoy the charm of Audi limousine car series ,the Yulin Orson Audi Club preempted the limelight with mainstream  international racing track games .This event brought Audi customers a incomparable professional track experience .

 Moreover ,the live interactive game experience find for the customers the long lost children’s interest .This understanding of the psychological demand of Audi customers brought warm feelings for Audi brand

Standing in the high grade  Audi leisure tent house you can see the white wooden tables ,elegant chairs, and the bar counter which is full of all kinds of beverage and drinks .You take a seat and drink a cup of coffee or tea ,I believe this feeling can only be experienced in Audi brand world .


May 24 2012

Quality Management Systems of ISO 9001:2008

Yashang tent shenzhen Co., Ltd successfully approved by  the quality  management systems of ISO9001:2008

How to achieve the   quality  objectives of yashang  tent ?

Quality policies :

Win the market through high quality, work with cautious and conscientious

Quality objectives :

1,To be the No.1 of china tent manufacturer

2,Effective customer complain treatment rate : 100%

3,Customer satisfaction ≧96%

4,Times of customer complain ≦5 times/year

Why yashang tent  implement ISO90001:2008 ?

It is the demand of the market  and customer’s requirement  of quality control

Eight quality principles to implement ISO 9001:2008:

1,Customer focus      2,Leadershop rol e   3,Total involvement   4,Process approach

5,Mangement system     6,Continuous improvement  7,Decision making method

8,Mutually beneficial supplier relationship


May 22 2012

China International Logistics and Transportation Exposition

2011 China International logistics and transportation exposition was held in Shenzhen convention and exhibition center  . During this exposition,Yashang Tent Co.,Ltd introduced the unique and innovative concept of “fast and removable warehouse tent ”.

Aiming to solve the  high warehouse operation cost and complicated management process ,Yashang Tent Co., Ltd first put forward the concept of “fast and removable space ”. Yashang tent have made many improvements  in the original warehouse systems .The improved warehouse tent realized the concept of “integrated and intelligent tent  ”. In the meantime ,yashang also put forward the theory of “six trouble free advantages and three cost effective characteristics”

During this exposition, many exhibitors and visitors visited our exhibition booth . They showed great interest in our “fast and removable warehouse tent” and would like to have a further communication and negotiation with yashang .

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