Jun 29 2012

Clear-Top wedding in June

Here’s some pics of an event we did this past weekend.

 Just a small 50 persons wedding ceremony and dinner.

 Complete with clear-top tent, full floor, black carpet, pvc walls, Italian lighting, and walkway.

 The heater and the power distribution are on the outside, but they weren’t worth taking pictures of…

Yashang is your best choice for tent design and decoration!

For more infomation pls contact us  at any time .

Jun 27 2012


Yashang tents are very easy to install and dismantle.

Let us see how  the magic works



Contact us for more information on magic tricks such as this….

Jun 21 2012

Tent Concert

For friends who love symphonic music  got a chance now to appreciate more graceful music. Shanghai Symphony Orchestra have build up a durable tent concert hall last summer on the bumpy car parking lot on the common boarder of fenyang road and huaihai road .

The “Music in the Summer Air ”was organized jointly by Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. It is the first large outdoor classic music festival ever held in Shanghai. It is actually a music party for the most ordinary people.

You may ask what can the music bands do in the thin PVC coated tent concert? They should perform in the grand theater. This is unbelievable. Look! Yulong was leading a hundred of T-shirt players came on stage, Charles Dutoit was guiding the royal philharmonic orchestra went on stage,China and world first-class artists and cultural celebrities were coming on stage now

Wow,the 11 days of  music festival let us finally believe that  the classic music can be played in such way !

Shanghai Symphony Orchestra have hold more than 50 music events in orchestra,concert halls,schools, companies, and  prisons to spread the music since April last year. The audiences have exceeded 20,000 people . “Perhaps tomorrow’s classic music lovers and performers are in the crowd today ”,said Panyanlin ,the chief performer . Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and Shanghai Municipal Education Committee will work together to bring more classic music to the ordinary people, such as “MAP Experience Day”and“Music Studio”and so on .

Are you happy to be able to enjoy and experience the symphony in the tent,my friend  ?

If YES ! Hold your horses and let us wait patiently.


Jun 19 2012

Jarrett Daughter’s Tent Wedding

The wedding of White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett’s daughter, Laura, on a balmy night brought Obama administration allies and friends to Jarrett’s home in a neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side.

A large white tent is set up in the backyard of Valerie Jarret’s Kenwood home for the wedding of her daughter Saturday.

Notable guests included Attorney General Eric Holder; Ariel Investments chief executive and big-dollar Obama fundraiser John Rogers, Jr.; and business executive and civil rights activist Vernon Jordan, an adviser to former President Bill Clinton.

Obama and his family strolled to the wedding from their own home a few houses away. The president wore a light brown suit, first lady Michelle Obama was dressed in a cream-colored skirt, and their two daughters, Sasha and Malia, wore green and yellow dresses, respectively.

The neighborhood was under tight surveillance for the event with law enforcement officials setting up a perimeter, screening guests as they walked toward the house and conducting security sweeps of automobiles

Jun 14 2012

A Memorable Dinner Party

December 31 ,2011 ,a night before new year’s day .

Hurray ! Another exciting moment worthy of celebrations .

Let us celebrate merrily ,sing happily, eat delightfully and relax thoroughly…..

Yashang members got together joyfully in Huasheng town .The weather was chilly, but sit around the hot pot,everyone can feel the warmth . Yashang is a happy family .

The stuff  members were eating and chatting happily at the table .Look, everybody was in high spirits .This was another big dinner party after the Mid-autumn festival .

The hot steaming surrounded us,the food was hot and spicy, look,! Some guys were sweating ,and a brother was opening his mouth wide for cooling.

Yashang stuff had a great time being together at this special moment.

The happy moment will forever stay in our memory .We work hard and struggle for a better tomorrow.

May yashang’s tomorrow more brilliant and glorious!


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