Jul 30 2012

My favorite tent hotels

These are my favorite hotels .Nowdays tent hotels are booming . Tent hotels  are the new trend in leisure and entertainment .   Follow me to find out these supber hotels for holiday reference

Tent hotels in the desert

 Tent hotel in the snow

Tent hotel in the green woods

Tent hotel in the cave

Tent hotel on the canyan

Tent suites

Tent hotel on the island

Tent hotel in the forest

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Jul 26 2012

What’s your plan for your big wedding day ?

Nowdays  modern tents wedding are becoming increasingly popular . Tents wedding have been given more and more distinctive tastes and noval ideas.

The younger  generation born after 1980’s  tend to have more farourable attitude towards outdoor tent wedding rather than indoor hotel wedding and church wedding

Not married yet ? What’s your plan for your big wedding day ?


Jul 24 2012

The tents city of Mina

The tents city of Mina lies in the Holy city of Mecca .It is so far the world’s largest tent city .Besides, it is one of the highest population density places ,which bring this city with huge pressure of shelters ,infrastructure and environment .


Ever since 1995,the government of Saudi Arabia started to solve the accommodation  of the Moslem. Mina city has a number of 3 millions Moslem ,the population almost equals to that of a middle-sized city .

After drawing the wisdom of the masses ,the local government finally decided to build the cheap tents instead of the concrete steel structured houses .The cover of the modern tents adopt Teflon fireproof materials ,they are wind resistant and of 25 years of long  life span .

The tents city of Mina remains open only for a month every year during the pilgrimage. It is actually an empty city for the most of the time .This could be the important reason why the government choose the low cost tents as the residential facilities .

Jul 20 2012

Get a look at the “London Bowl”

The design of the shooting site of London 2012 Olympic Games looks like the suction cup of the octopus.

This shooting range is composed of three Woolwich royal artillery tents .


Each site is equipment with ventilation equipment .They are white, red or blue

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Jul 17 2012

How to feel relaxed ?

As the rhythm of the urban life is becoming faster and faster, people’s daily pressure is gradually increasing.

“Even if I have spent a few days in a luxury hotel ,it is still unlikely to make me  feel completely relaxed”, said Ms.Lee ,one of the white colors in Shenzhen.

Furtulately , El Capitan Canyon safari hotel  in Santa Barbara, California can magically help you feel relaxed .

This  Tent hotel is able to  bring you novel rural life experience .

“I just do not want to go back to the city , and I will come again after go back to the city ”,said one of the tourists .

Living in these tent hotels everyone can enjoy the wonderful feeling of nature .

Bingo !

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