Dec 17 2013

Different feeling for different hotel

When mention to the hotels, people will think of the hotels which built up with reinforced concrete. We call it traditional hotels. There is no doubt that the traditional hotels give tourists a convenient and comfort accommodation. Traditional hotels are always not far away from the city, and tourists in the traditional hotels can enjoy the beautiful night scenery of this city. Obviously, traditional hotels are the choice for most tourists.


However, there exited a new style of hotel called tent hotel. What is tent hotel? Tent hotel is a hotel which built with tent. Tent hotel is always built up in the suburb of rural areas or on the beach. When you want to avoid the hustle, go away from the reinforced concrete of the city and live a peach garden life in the nature for a few days, tent hotel is your best choice. In addition to having a comfort accommodation, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the nature.


It is different feeling for different hotel. So which hotel style do you prefer to?

Dec 06 2013

Foxconn Container-integrated manufacturing tents

These pictures are the manufacturing tents that our company built up for Foxconn in Henan, China.

Foxconn, world’s 500 companies, is one of the largest contract electronic enterprises. In the year of 2011 to 2012, Foxconn was faced with the rising of the original manufacturing cost and the migration of production base.

According to the customer’s demand of migrating to a new production base at any time, the industry tent is the best choice for Foxconn due to its advantage of flexibility. It only took 3 month to finish this large manufacturing tents and its total area is 22440 square meters.

This large manufacturing tent is contributed to solve several problems for Foxconn. First, the manufacturing tent is contributed to solve the problem of the local land policy which is difficult to be approved. Second, the manufacturing tent is contributed to save time for constructing a traditional workshop. Third, the manufacturing tent is contributed to save a large sum of money. Finally, the manufacturing tent is contributed to solve the problem of the production base migration three years later.

Yashang Tent, industry tent supplier, will design high-quality and professional manufacturing tents for you.

Dec 06 2013

Beautiful Tents for Wedding

We are happy to share with you these wedding tent photos we got from our customers. This is a magnificent big wedding tent. This tent is open from all sides and provides shelter for a large area. It is beautifully designed and possesses an aesthetical appeal.

The wedding tent is built on an elevated concrete platform, supported with concrete column, and the tent load-bearing upright posts are fixed onto the concrete column using expansion bolts.

The wedding party tents can be decorated with roof lining, wall lining, window curtain, lighting flooring carpet etc.

As a professional wedding tent manufacturer in China, we have supplied numerous wedding tents and marquees to individuals and agencies. At Yashang, from technical drawings, to incoming materials, to in-process quality control, till pre-shipment inspection, we always pay great attention to each and every production to come out with the best wedding party tents with the highest levels of quality, reliability and durability.

Tents packaging can be custom made to meet your specific requirements. If you would like to know more about our export packaging solutions for aluminum frame tents, please feel free to contact us now.

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