Feb 24 2017

Outdoor Wine Party Tent for Celebration, Wedding and Entertainment

Wine party occupies a quite important position in today’s business and daily life. Many large wine parties were held in outdoor tents, including the business celebration, luxury wedding ceremony, large opening group dinner, celebrity parties and premiere entertainment.wine party 01

Outdoor wine party tents can provide temporary space for the hosts. Just like the hotels, outdoor wine party tents can be designed with related supporting facilities, such as the chairs, roof curtains, lightings, carpets, and all kinds of ornaments. All these supporting facilities make the wine party tents no longer drab, but full of lively atmosphere. After added the carpets, chairs, roof curtains, lightings and flowers in the party tent, the activity effect is no worse than that of holding in the luxury hotel.wine party 02

According to the requirements of the organizers to the party’s theme, we create the fittest party tent for them, which can perfectly satisfy the customer’s imagination for the wine party. Custom-made is the particular characteristic of Yashang.wine party 03

The wine party tent can be designed romantic, or elegant, or atmospheric, or noble. When you are in this elegant and beautiful outdoor tent, you cannot help dancing. The breeze will gently blows on your face and you smile gently. How beautiful it is!wine party 04

How about it? Come and experience another life that the outdoor wine reception tent brings to you.

Feb 16 2017

Yashang Wins the Title of Excellent Storage of Equipment and Technology Supplier

The fifth member of China Warehousing Association Congress was held in Beijing, China, and Yashang, as a tent representative, attended this meeting On November 24, 2016. With years of successful practice in the field of industrial storage applications, Yashang wins the title of “Excellent Storage of Equipment and Technology Supplier”.


Over the years, Yashang has always been insisting on the fast removable storage tent technology development and promotion. Yashang not only successfully developed the terrace warehouse tent and combined-type tent, but also further enhance the wind resistance of tent by using the top natural lightings, roof snow load and the innovation of the drifting design.

With technical innovation and the insisting on market promotion, the fast removable storage tent on technical solutions of Yashang was recognized by customers and industry experts. Yashang also won the title of “Creativity, innovation and Creation award” offered by the Chinese Logistics Industry Association and the title of “2015 Famous Brand of China Green Storage and Distribution” offered by China Warehouse Association. The product of “Fast Removable Storage Tent on Technical Solution” from Yashang was selected to “Recommend Directory of China Green Storage, Distribution and Technology”.

Every honor is the witness of our constantly insisting and focusing on the industrial storage market. Because we are focusing, we are professional. Yashang is your best choice for your industrial storage and logistical project.

Feb 06 2017

Celebrate Your Special Wedding in Transparent Tents

It is special when you hold your wedding in a special structure. Now I will bring you to a fresh structure to imagine your special wedding party. It is our Yashang Transparent Fabric Tents.tent accessories

Look no further than Yashang Transparent Fabric Tents. With elegant linings, magical glows and poetic looks, our tents provide the perfect appearance for your special wedding day. Romance has never been more fashionable, with transparent fabric and beautiful decorated accessories that enhances daytime events with gentle and warm natural light, or bright and magical glows for evening parties. The simplicity and elegance of the wedding tent tie together. How wonderful it is. Whether it is along the coast, on a vineyard, or in the beauty of your own backyard, our transparent tents can tailor for you and it will be the unique feel you are trying to capture.

You no need to worry about the rain weather when holding your special wedding in a decorated tent. Our elegant transparent wedding tent is 100% waterproof. The tent is strong enough to assure your special wedding and it will be not affected by the bad weather. Come and celebrate your special day under the Yashang Transparent Fabric Tents.

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