Dec 30 2016

A Large Clear Span Tent for Event You Are Planning

We create an appropriate space for any kinds of events, such as sports, exhibition, concert and so on. Using our clear span tents with the accessories and the whole tents landscape can transfer the city centre and parks to the galley full of charm. You can communicate, enjoy and appreciate with your visitors and guests.


Clear span tents feature ample space, great extension options and an appealing look. The span width, length and height of the tent are adaptable, while the tried and tested mounted system allows decoration and technical elements to be installed easily. Clear span tent can be extended indefinitely to demonstrate the large number of your visitors. Clear span tents win points not only for their distinctive looks, but also for their safety and cost-effectiveness.

Whether for sports event or exhibition, concert or town festival, 100 or 1000 visitors, Yashang offers you the right space solution in order to meet your ideas and values with emotion. We can do that. At the same time our clear span tents adapt perfectly to the different functions and local conditions in the public space.

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  1. Tionnasmith says:

    During any event or meetings its very rare to get appreciation from the visitors,But i think the clear span tents are helpful to get appreciation from others. Thanks

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