Dec 02 2010


tent-factory-overviewShenzhen Yashang Tents Co,. Ltd. was established in 2005. Our company has introduced European style tents technology products, advanced production line equipment, and comprehensive management system. So, it constructs powerful production technology, marketing and construction team.

Is Yashang a trading company or a tent manufacturer?
We are a tent manufacturer. We have manufactured numerous tents for our customers since 2005.

Where can you find more photos of Yashang tent projects?
You can visit for more project photos.

Why choose Yashang as your approved supplier of tents?
– Large market. We are the tent supplier of many companies and there are about 200 large successful cases.
– High technology. We are partner with the development and designation colleges and have top technology. Custom design based on customer requirements.
– Custom design. The solution process perfect deduce from customer requirements to the value of the product.
– Innovative team. We are the learning and innovative team and committed to promote internal and external cooperation mechanism. Stimulate teamwork advantage and innovation with scientific operation.
– Professional management. Aim at saving cost, improving efficiency, ensuring quality and service. Create value from the innovative management system.

Do you have a sales rep network?
Yes. We have international sales rep network. Please email to if you have anything to know.

I want to check out a tent in person before ordering. Can I come by your factory to see what they like?
Yes. You can come to our factory to see our product whenever you want. Please contact us in advance.

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