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Feb 16 2017

Yashang Wins the Title of Excellent Storage of Equipment and Technology Supplier

The fifth member of China Warehousing Association Congress was held in Beijing, China, and Yashang, as a tent representative, attended this meeting On November 24, 2016. With years of successful practice in the field of industrial storage applications, Yashang wins the title of “Excellent Storage of Equipment and Technology Supplier”.


Over the years, Yashang has always been insisting on the fast removable storage tent technology development and promotion. Yashang not only successfully developed the terrace warehouse tent and combined-type tent, but also further enhance the wind resistance of tent by using the top natural lightings, roof snow load and the innovation of the drifting design.

With technical innovation and the insisting on market promotion, the fast removable storage tent on technical solutions of Yashang was recognized by customers and industry experts. Yashang also won the title of “Creativity, innovation and Creation award” offered by the Chinese Logistics Industry Association and the title of “2015 Famous Brand of China Green Storage and Distribution” offered by China Warehouse Association. The product of “Fast Removable Storage Tent on Technical Solution” from Yashang was selected to “Recommend Directory of China Green Storage, Distribution and Technology”.

Every honor is the witness of our constantly insisting and focusing on the industrial storage market. Because we are focusing, we are professional. Yashang is your best choice for your industrial storage and logistical project.

Dec 06 2013

Foxconn Container-integrated manufacturing tents

These pictures are the manufacturing tents that our company built up for Foxconn in Henan, China.

Foxconn, world’s 500 companies, is one of the largest contract electronic enterprises. In the year of 2011 to 2012, Foxconn was faced with the rising of the original manufacturing cost and the migration of production base.

According to the customer’s demand of migrating to a new production base at any time, the industry tent is the best choice for Foxconn due to its advantage of flexibility. It only took 3 month to finish this large manufacturing tents and its total area is 22440 square meters.

This large manufacturing tent is contributed to solve several problems for Foxconn. First, the manufacturing tent is contributed to solve the problem of the local land policy which is difficult to be approved. Second, the manufacturing tent is contributed to save time for constructing a traditional workshop. Third, the manufacturing tent is contributed to save a large sum of money. Finally, the manufacturing tent is contributed to solve the problem of the production base migration three years later.

Yashang Tent, industry tent supplier, will design high-quality and professional manufacturing tents for you.

Aug 23 2012

Stuffed ? Do Not Worry !

I guess you may worried about your small warehouse sometimes , right  ? 

You buy in bulk at low prices  ,only to find that there are  no more room to put  them …

Removable industry warehouse tents  .

 It is  30m*60m


Aug 15 2012

It is a temporary factory

This long frame tent will be used as a temporary plant after completion .

It is 40m *260m

Feel free to contact us if interested

Jul 05 2012

Your Private Aircraft Hangar

This hangar tent is what we did during the last couple of months  .They are powerful  and  outstanding .

This hangar  tent are of quality frame structures so as  to protect your investment and other .

In fact, it is the ideal solution for shelter or storage of your helicopter,airplane,or other aviation equipments.

For more information pls contact us at any time !

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