Dec 05 2016


I have lost the set-up instructions to my tent. Can I get new one?
Of course. We can send you the set-up instructions or upload the video for you.

How long does it take to set up a tent?
It depends on the size of the tent and the other supporting facilities. In general, it can be set up 5000 square meters within three days.

What shall we pay more attention to during the installation process?
Safety is the most important thing during the installation, so make sure wearing personal protective equipments. Second, be physically capable of doing the task. Third, be familiar with the installing process and focused on installing.

What is the best way to store tent?
First, keep the store environment dry. Second, keep the tent away from stain, oil and glue.

How should I clean my tent?
The PVC fabric has already been special treated and it has very good self-cleaning property. The PVC fabric surface can be cleaned by rain.

Which installation supports can you provide?
We can provide installation video and engineering illustration to help tents installation.

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