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What is a tent?
Tent is a temporary or semi-permanent building which is mainly in the framework of steel and aluminum, PVC cloth for the enclosure, and can be reused.

What types of projects are the tents used for normally?
The tents have a wide range of uses. The most common are in the area of manufacturing, warehousing, facilities storage, wedding, exhibition, event etc.

Are building permits required?
In most circumstances tent building permits are required. Yashang can help provide the documents you need to secure a tent building permit.

What type of material is a Yashang tent made from?
Yashang tent is made of aluminum alloy for the frame and PVC fabric for the roof enclosure.

What are the advantages of aluminum vs. steel frames?
The first one is the aluminum frame weights less than the steel frame, making it easier to transport to other places. The second one is that aluminum frame is stronger and heavier duty than the steel frame. Finally, the aluminum frame has a better durability and is less preventative maintenance required than a steel frame.

Can your tent be repeatedly used?
Of course. Our tents assemble and disassemble flexible, transport fast, and store convenient.

What is the expected life of a tent with average usage?
For the aluminum part, it can be used about 30 years in general. For the PVC cloth part, it will become angry after 5 to 10 years.

What are the features of tents from Yashang?
In addition to the features of variety, adaptability and flexibility, our tents are friendly to the environment and durable. The materials are aluminum alloy which can recycle and reduce the environment pollution.

Which sidewall options do you have?
You can choose transparent glass, luxury ABS, PVC fabric, color plate and sandwich walls.

What size tent is necessary for your special event?
According to how many people attend and your other needs, we will custom the size for you.

Which tent size would you recommend for a 200 seat dinner party?
The W15X20m tent is available. The 15m wide span series tent can be limitlessly extended at an increment of 5 meters.

Can Yashang manufacture custom size tents?
Yes. We can manufacture the tent with the maximum width 66m and height 9m.

Can I custom a tent for our unique application?
Yes. We can custom a tent catering for your needs.

Does Yashang manufacture tables, chairs, and accessories?
No. We don’t manufacture these accessories, but we can out-purchase according to your requirements.

What is rain gutter?
The rain gutter is designed to protect the awning room dry. Whether a rain gutter needs or not, it depends on the tents size.

How can we connect and combine several tents into a big whole covered space?
Our aluminum is a unit modular building. It can be arbitrary assembled.

Is the tent wind resistant? How about the snow load?
Yes. Our tent has the max wind load of 100km per hour and snow load of 0.5KN per square meter.

Is the tent structure reliable and safe?
Yes. You don’t have to worry about it. Our tents are made from the high strength aluminum alloy and the ground fixed way is also very strong. We have supplied large warehouse tents for Chigo Air Conditioning, Toshiba, Golden Fish and Foxconn.

Which tent accessories can you provide?
We can provide facilities including drainage, HVAC, security, lighting and any other decorations.

Where are your tents made?
We have a large factory in Shenzhen, China. All the tents are made in our factory.

Are tents available in different colors?
Yes. The PVC fabric color of the tent is flexible. We can custom its color for your needs.

How do I know if a tent will fit in my yard?
You can tell us the size of your yard and the surroundings, we will design effect pictures for you.

Do tents come with side walls?
We will design side walls if you need.

How can I get a best tent solution with high quality?
We are the team with more than 10 manufacturing years and obtained many patents in China. Our innovative team will design the solution for your requirements.

Are all awnings fire resistant?
Our tents are made from double PVC-coated polyester textile, which is fireproofed to international standard.

Are tents from Yashang fully waterproof?
Yes. Our tent is made from PVC fabric which is waterproofed.

What is ultraviolet damage? Can it be prevented?
The membrane materials can filter out most of the ultraviolet ray, preventing the internal objects fading.

What material is the tent connecting part made from?
The tent connecting part is made from steel.

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