Feb 06 2017

Celebrate Your Special Wedding in Transparent Tents

It is special when you hold your wedding in a special structure. Now I will bring you to a fresh structure to imagine your special wedding party. It is our Yashang Transparent Fabric Tents.tent accessories

Look no further than Yashang Transparent Fabric Tents. With elegant linings, magical glows and poetic looks, our tents provide the perfect appearance for your special wedding day. Romance has never been more fashionable, with transparent fabric and beautiful decorated accessories that enhances daytime events with gentle and warm natural light, or bright and magical glows for evening parties. The simplicity and elegance of the wedding tent tie together. How wonderful it is. Whether it is along the coast, on a vineyard, or in the beauty of your own backyard, our transparent tents can tailor for you and it will be the unique feel you are trying to capture.

You no need to worry about the rain weather when holding your special wedding in a decorated tent. Our elegant transparent wedding tent is 100% waterproof. The tent is strong enough to assure your special wedding and it will be not affected by the bad weather. Come and celebrate your special day under the Yashang Transparent Fabric Tents.

Jan 17 2017

Roof Lining Decorations for a Wedding Tent

How will you decorate your wedding tent if you hold your wedding in a large outdoor tent, especially the roof lining of your unique wedding tent?

For the quality of roof lining, Yashang is available to provide two different material options to suit customers’ different budget. One is economical and the other is luxury. Economical lining decoration is made of high gloss satin cloth, none flame retardant but low cost. The luxury lining decorations are made of Trevira CS, a flame retardant material that fulfills the highest requirements. Both the economical lining and luxury lining can be hung onto wire with karabiner hooks, into the available tent profile using the keder, or onto the eave beams with rubber loops. These options make hanging the lining simple and easy.wedding tent 03_副本

For the color of roof lining, Yashang is available to offer many different colors, such as white, red, green and any others. The color of your wedding tent depends on your requirements. Your wedding tent with unique white roof lining decoration will be pure and noble, and when with white and red will be festival and lively. You can choose the color according to your likes and the theme of your wedding.wedding tent 04_副本

The roof lining looks more beautiful with the lights on at night. So the next time you should select the beautiful lightings to go with your roof lining.

Jan 10 2017

A White Pagoda Tent Harmonize with Classical Beauty

Imagine you are in the circumstance that surrounding by the green trees, colorful flowers and lovely grass. Then you have a party in this beautiful circumstance. A German style pagoda tent which the color is white was settled on the grassland near the paved road. Brown chairs which are classical beautiful are inside or outside the pagoda tent with the tables. The chairs outside the pagoda tent are sheltered by the green pole tents. Visitors can not only enjoy the happiness of your party, but also can seeing the beautiful natural landscape.


To be honest, I was completely attracted by this perfect picture at the first sight. I like the classical chairs, the green pole tents, the little stream and all other scenery. But I especially like the white German style pagoda structure. The appearance of the pagoda tent as well as its white color stands out from this picture. We really can be impressed by the white pagoda structure at first.

A German style pagoda tent features compact dimension and ample space, great extension and an appealing look. A pagoda tent can also be combined with one another to create extensive tent complexes.

Need German style pagoda tents for your next party? By the way, the color of the fabric can be customized. Contact us now.

Dec 30 2016

A Large Clear Span Tent for Event You Are Planning

We create an appropriate space for any kinds of events, such as sports, exhibition, concert and so on. Using our clear span tents with the accessories and the whole tents landscape can transfer the city centre and parks to the galley full of charm. You can communicate, enjoy and appreciate with your visitors and guests.


Clear span tents feature ample space, great extension options and an appealing look. The span width, length and height of the tent are adaptable, while the tried and tested mounted system allows decoration and technical elements to be installed easily. Clear span tent can be extended indefinitely to demonstrate the large number of your visitors. Clear span tents win points not only for their distinctive looks, but also for their safety and cost-effectiveness.

Whether for sports event or exhibition, concert or town festival, 100 or 1000 visitors, Yashang offers you the right space solution in order to meet your ideas and values with emotion. We can do that. At the same time our clear span tents adapt perfectly to the different functions and local conditions in the public space.

Contact us now to learn more about our clear span tents.

Dec 23 2016

Yashang Obtains Praises from Chigo Air Conditioning


As the logistics department minister in Chigo Air Conditioning, Mr. Kuang said, “We can develop so fast because of the help from so many enterprises. On the warehouse construction, we specially thank Yashang for their persevere help.”

Chigo Air Conditioning needs large warehouse to store their new air conditioning. If erecting traditional construction, Chigo needed a large amount of cost, and will also cause unnecessary waste. After deep researching in warehouse tents market, Mr. Kuang selected Yashang because of our professional technology and good service. As the first domestic professional mobile tent manufacturer, Yashang has always been innovative since 2005, customizing and designing for different customers’ actual requirements.

Mr. Kuang said, “We choose Yashang for its professional design and good service. And it comes that we are right. The warehouse construction was completed in the end of 2012. Not only was the construction time short, but it saved a large amount of cost. Although experienced several large Typhoon in these three years, the warehouse construction is undamaged yet.”

During the period of using the warehouse tent, everything of Chigo is OK. When the business changed, Chigo needed adding the HVAC and collision protection facilities. After knowing the news, the engineers from Yashang visit the site and designed the solution for Chigo. The HVAC and collision protection facilities were installed in time, and never influenced the normal use of the warehouse construction.

It’s hard to avoid the accidents when using warehouse tent. But weather it is caused by human factors or others, Yashang is always communicating with our customer in the first time. Based on the actual conditions, our engineers came up with solutions dealing with the damage, and organized professional crews repairing on the site within the shortest time.

Once, a truck knocked down a post of warehouse tent due to the driver’s error. The warehouse central of Chigo got into trouble. Under in time repairing of Yashang, the warehouse central of Chigo was normal operating, without delaying the shipping schedule.

“With the professional technology and good service of Yashang, the storage and transportation business of Chigo is rapid developing in these years. We sincerely thank every crew’s help in Yashang. We believe that Chigo will be better with the partner Yashang.” Mr. Kuang said.

Interested in learning more about Yashang warehouse tent? Please contact us at the moment.



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