Jan 17 2017

Roof Lining Decorations for a Wedding Tent

How will you decorate your wedding tent if you hold your wedding in a large outdoor tent, especially the roof lining of your unique wedding tent?

For the quality of roof lining, Yashang is available to provide two different material options to suit customers’ different budget. One is economical and the other is luxury. Economical lining decoration is made of high gloss satin cloth, none flame retardant but low cost. The luxury lining decorations are made of Trevira CS, a flame retardant material that fulfills the highest requirements. Both the economical lining and luxury lining can be hung onto wire with karabiner hooks, into the available tent profile using the keder, or onto the eave beams with rubber loops. These options make hanging the lining simple and easy.wedding tent 03_副本

For the color of roof lining, Yashang is available to offer many different colors, such as white, red, green and any others. The color of your wedding tent depends on your requirements. Your wedding tent with unique white roof lining decoration will be pure and noble, and when with white and red will be festival and lively. You can choose the color according to your likes and the theme of your wedding.wedding tent 04_副本

The roof lining looks more beautiful with the lights on at night. So the next time you should select the beautiful lightings to go with your roof lining.

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  1. Rina CHOU says:

    Yeah, I agree with you. You can search our website http://www.tentsmarquee.com for more information about wedding tent.

  2. Tionnasmith says:

    The roof lining looks more beautiful..! I love the color combination in the first picture. It’s really awesome, pink and white color with light setting gives you more romantic look….

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