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Jun 09 2017

A Romantic Wedding Party in the Clear Top Tent Marquee

Where are you want to holding your wedding event? In the expensive hotels or in your green back garden? As we know that everyone has his own mind.

Looking at the following beautiful picture, what are you thinking now? This is a clear top tent set up in the nature grassland for wedding party. Is it romantic and incredible?透明婚礼篷

Surrounded with the beautiful and colorful flowers, the clear top tent is there for the new couple’s wedding event. Bright sunshine, blue sky, white cloud and light breeze, what a wonderful feeling in this circustance. Do you have the same feeling with me?

Jun 29 2012

Clear-Top wedding in June

Here’s some pics of an event we did this past weekend.

 Just a small 50 persons wedding ceremony and dinner.

 Complete with clear-top tent, full floor, black carpet, pvc walls, Italian lighting, and walkway.

 The heater and the power distribution are on the outside, but they weren’t worth taking pictures of…

Yashang is your best choice for tent design and decoration!

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