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Mar 20 2017

What Are Supporting Facilities Including in a Tent?

The tent is so popular in the outdoor event area, not only because the tent has the ability of flexible, but also because the universality of the various supporting facilities. What supporting facilities include in a tent?

What are the functions of the tent supporting facilities?
The tent is made from aluminum frame and PVC fabric, which can shade outside, provide large indoor space and make sure the activity smoothly completed. With the activities style changing and requirements increasing constantly, the requirement for the availability of the tent is also increasing. Most of tent manufacturers can provide accessories for their customers. With the accessories, the tent is more functional.集成The accessories include floor, door, sidewall, decoration and electrical power system.
As for floor system, there are two common types, wood one and cassette one. The wood floor is cheaper than the cassette floor, but the cassette floor is more beautiful than the wood floor. Using the floor is to make the ground smooth. When the activity held on the grassland, sandy beach and other unsmooth ground, floor system is necessary for the tent. With the floor, people walks more comfortable, and the desks and chairs more stable. Some customers are willing to put the carpet on the floor, which make the activity more ceremony.

There are several kinds of materials for door and window in the tent, such as transparent glass door, electrical rolling gate and PVC fabric. So what material of the door and window do you like? There is no need of doors and windows for the tent with opening sidewalls.

The standard sidewall of tent is made of PVC fabric. There are ABS hard wall, transparent glass wall and PVC fabric wall. ABS hard wall is suitable using in the outdoor storage tent, because it has good comprehensive properties, high strength and good climate resistance. The transparent glass wall is more beautiful and modem than the others.

The tent for wedding party not only need be practical, but also need to have a certain appreciation at the same time. With the roof lining, wall lining, lighting and carpet, the wedding party tent will be more brilliant. The decorations are suitable for the wedding party tent as well as other party tent.

The electric power system includes not only electric box and electric lines, but also other electric supporting facilities, such as conventional lightings, air conditions, audios stages and so on. In some areas, there also need heating system.

These are the common supporting system that used in the tent. If you have any other requests, please contact us. We will provide the best solution for your tent project.

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