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Feb 16 2017

Yashang Wins the Title of Excellent Storage of Equipment and Technology Supplier

The fifth member of China Warehousing Association Congress was held in Beijing, China, and Yashang, as a tent representative, attended this meeting On November 24, 2016. With years of successful practice in the field of industrial storage applications, Yashang wins the title of “Excellent Storage of Equipment and Technology Supplier”.


Over the years, Yashang has always been insisting on the fast removable storage tent technology development and promotion. Yashang not only successfully developed the terrace warehouse tent and combined-type tent, but also further enhance the wind resistance of tent by using the top natural lightings, roof snow load and the innovation of the drifting design.

With technical innovation and the insisting on market promotion, the fast removable storage tent on technical solutions of Yashang was recognized by customers and industry experts. Yashang also won the title of “Creativity, innovation and Creation award” offered by the Chinese Logistics Industry Association and the title of “2015 Famous Brand of China Green Storage and Distribution” offered by China Warehouse Association. The product of “Fast Removable Storage Tent on Technical Solution” from Yashang was selected to “Recommend Directory of China Green Storage, Distribution and Technology”.

Every honor is the witness of our constantly insisting and focusing on the industrial storage market. Because we are focusing, we are professional. Yashang is your best choice for your industrial storage and logistical project.

Dec 23 2016

Yashang Obtains Praises from Chigo Air Conditioning


As the logistics department minister in Chigo Air Conditioning, Mr. Kuang said, “We can develop so fast because of the help from so many enterprises. On the warehouse construction, we specially thank Yashang for their persevere help.”

Chigo Air Conditioning needs large warehouse to store their new air conditioning. If erecting traditional construction, Chigo needed a large amount of cost, and will also cause unnecessary waste. After deep researching in warehouse tents market, Mr. Kuang selected Yashang because of our professional technology and good service. As the first domestic professional mobile tent manufacturer, Yashang has always been innovative since 2005, customizing and designing for different customers’ actual requirements.

Mr. Kuang said, “We choose Yashang for its professional design and good service. And it comes that we are right. The warehouse construction was completed in the end of 2012. Not only was the construction time short, but it saved a large amount of cost. Although experienced several large Typhoon in these three years, the warehouse construction is undamaged yet.”

During the period of using the warehouse tent, everything of Chigo is OK. When the business changed, Chigo needed adding the HVAC and collision protection facilities. After knowing the news, the engineers from Yashang visit the site and designed the solution for Chigo. The HVAC and collision protection facilities were installed in time, and never influenced the normal use of the warehouse construction.

It’s hard to avoid the accidents when using warehouse tent. But weather it is caused by human factors or others, Yashang is always communicating with our customer in the first time. Based on the actual conditions, our engineers came up with solutions dealing with the damage, and organized professional crews repairing on the site within the shortest time.

Once, a truck knocked down a post of warehouse tent due to the driver’s error. The warehouse central of Chigo got into trouble. Under in time repairing of Yashang, the warehouse central of Chigo was normal operating, without delaying the shipping schedule.

“With the professional technology and good service of Yashang, the storage and transportation business of Chigo is rapid developing in these years. We sincerely thank every crew’s help in Yashang. We believe that Chigo will be better with the partner Yashang.” Mr. Kuang said.

Interested in learning more about Yashang warehouse tent? Please contact us at the moment.

May 18 2012

Yashang Won the Bidding

26 October 2010, Yashang Tents Shenzhen Co., Ltd participated in the tender of warehouse tent project which organized by Guangdong Chigo Air-Conditioning Co., Ltd. The competition for this tender is fierce, finally, Yashang won the tender with skillful techniques, and outstand project records. Besides, it also rely to the originated warehouse tent design which contains integrated system and intelligent management.

This project will lay a good foundation for Yashang on the further development of industrial project. Meanwhile, it also means Yashang possesses an obvious advantage on the large-scale and large-span tent production technology and manufacture management ability.

Sincere congratulations to all staffs of Yashang!

May 16 2012

How to build a warehouse tent ?

How to built a industrial warehouse tent? Let us join and have a look at the process of tent construction.

The building steps for warehouse tent is relativly  simple .Usually six person is enough . Yashang sent 7 people on site for this tent of 18 meters span width and 5 units .

The construction site is inside the factory of Jinlongyu company (a famous manufacturer of peanuts oil in China).Jinlongyu has a large and open factory areas .The unloading area is vast and broad .However, the unloading is very much inconvenient in rainy days .That is why they are looking for the solutions .Is it necessary to build a permanent building ? Nope. Firstly, trucks and vans are very tall ,so the interior spaces must be taller and wider than ordinary ones .As we all know it is difficult to operate and the budge is too high .Secondly ,you have to apply to the government for the land use permission. What about canopies ? Not good either .Canopies are not safe enough to deal with the rain and strong wind . Besides, canopies are not in accord with the enterprise image of Jinlongyu . Actually proved by facts and practice , temporary warehouse tent is the most suitable solution for Jinlongyu.

First of all, measure the distance between  base .

For example , the tent has five units ,each unit is 5 meters long and 18 meters span .Based on this data, we measured accurately the distance of base .  And then we fixed the base with expand screw ( the ground of Jinlongyu is cement ). Generally,there are three ways to reinforce . For cement ground ,we use expand screw for strengthening ;For grass and sand ground ,we use drill steel.For the marble ground ,which is unable to destroy ,we use bearing plate to reinforce .

Secondly, put major components together .

The most important thing in this part is to connect the bearing column with the inclined beam through ridge roof connecting angle.For a tent of 18 meters span ,we need a crane to lift those components. Then next, strengthening the bearing column with the base and reinforce them with crisscross poles and square tubes .Therefore ,the set up of one unit is completed . Construct the remaining four units with the same method.

 Thirdly,set up the roofing square tubes .

After the square tubes are installed , reinforce the framework of each unit with four wire ropes. These wire ropes and square tubes are to prepare for the next step .

Lastly,install the tent cloth .

Cover the whole tent with fabric cloth from one side to another side along the bearing column and roof . Tighten the screws to fix the cloth . Install the remaining four units with the same method .

 So the whole building process is completed .

 How is your feeling ?

May 14 2012

Industrial Warehouse Tent

Industrial warehouse tent can be used as temporary or permanent warehouse tent.

Warehouse tent is temporary ,flexible and removable .

Tent can be built and dismantled at any time. The construction period is short. If dismantled or removed ,tent can be built up again in another place .

The maximum height of side walls reach up to 6 meters .The roof height can be as high as 10 meters . The unite length can be extended without limits .No need to take the internal capacity into consideration .Container trucks and forklift trucks can come in and out of the tent from all sides .100% space utilization .Shelves, card board and other tools can be stored up without any difficulties. This warehouse tent is very suitable for throughput frequent manufacturers .

The internal of the tent is also very flexible . The hardware wall ,sandwich panels, steel structure ,roll gate and professional negative pressure fan can all achieve various functions .You can make an compartment in the internal space to make a dressing room or to make a storeroom for large equipment .

In terms of materials ,we have honeycomb cardboard, rock wool cardboard and many other environmental friendly materials for your options . In addition to this ,the air conditioners, toilets, lamps, sofa and television sets can be installed freely as long as you like . The plasticity and reengineering of the industrial tent can satisfy customers’ different requirement at different time

In terms of land planning , it is not necessary to apply for the government for land use permit to facilitate the operations . In term of the construction sites ,tents have professional solutions to deal with  different sorts of ground .Expansion screw ,drill steel and bearing systems make it possible for tents to be built and used on the grass, sand ,cement floor or marble ground (unable to destroy) ,etc. Industrial warehouse tent is convenient, price lower than steel structures and safe (wind resistant reach 80km/h, fire resistant of PVC cover reach B1 grade ) .

Therefore , industrial warehouse tent is the best solution for temporary storage .


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