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Apr 14 2017

What Do You Think of Holding Your Wedding in Transparent Tent

Nowadays more and more people are interested in aluminum profile PVC fabric tent structure. The aluminum profile tent is to be assembled and disassembled, and also easy to be moved away. So the tent structure is quite suitable for the people who want to hold their wedding party outdoor in the nature.
As we all know that the wedding is our most important event in our lives, so we should pay more attention on our wedding event. While when mention to the wedding, we will consider where to hold and what to decorate for our wedding.
Most people choose to hold their wedding in the luxury hotel, which is most common in our daily life. While more and more young new couples are fond of the fabric cover tent, especially the transparent fabric cover tent.Lighting clear-tent--wedding1
The reason that people choose the transparent fabric cover tent to hold their wedding party is that the transparent tent is not only beautiful but also it is a unique experience for their important wedding. Everyone hopes their wedding particular and the transparent fabric tent can meet their willing. Because the transparent fabric tent can be decorated as whatever they want.
Looking at this picture, what do you think of the wedding holding in the transparent fabric cover tent? Are you in a crush with the transparent clear top roof tent wedding? Contact us now to know more…

Mar 20 2017

What Are Supporting Facilities Including in a Tent?

The tent is so popular in the outdoor event area, not only because the tent has the ability of flexible, but also because the universality of the various supporting facilities. What supporting facilities include in a tent?

What are the functions of the tent supporting facilities?
The tent is made from aluminum frame and PVC fabric, which can shade outside, provide large indoor space and make sure the activity smoothly completed. With the activities style changing and requirements increasing constantly, the requirement for the availability of the tent is also increasing. Most of tent manufacturers can provide accessories for their customers. With the accessories, the tent is more functional.集成The accessories include floor, door, sidewall, decoration and electrical power system.
As for floor system, there are two common types, wood one and cassette one. The wood floor is cheaper than the cassette floor, but the cassette floor is more beautiful than the wood floor. Using the floor is to make the ground smooth. When the activity held on the grassland, sandy beach and other unsmooth ground, floor system is necessary for the tent. With the floor, people walks more comfortable, and the desks and chairs more stable. Some customers are willing to put the carpet on the floor, which make the activity more ceremony.

There are several kinds of materials for door and window in the tent, such as transparent glass door, electrical rolling gate and PVC fabric. So what material of the door and window do you like? There is no need of doors and windows for the tent with opening sidewalls.

The standard sidewall of tent is made of PVC fabric. There are ABS hard wall, transparent glass wall and PVC fabric wall. ABS hard wall is suitable using in the outdoor storage tent, because it has good comprehensive properties, high strength and good climate resistance. The transparent glass wall is more beautiful and modem than the others.

The tent for wedding party not only need be practical, but also need to have a certain appreciation at the same time. With the roof lining, wall lining, lighting and carpet, the wedding party tent will be more brilliant. The decorations are suitable for the wedding party tent as well as other party tent.

The electric power system includes not only electric box and electric lines, but also other electric supporting facilities, such as conventional lightings, air conditions, audios stages and so on. In some areas, there also need heating system.

These are the common supporting system that used in the tent. If you have any other requests, please contact us. We will provide the best solution for your tent project.

Jan 17 2017

Roof Lining Decorations for a Wedding Tent

How will you decorate your wedding tent if you hold your wedding in a large outdoor tent, especially the roof lining of your unique wedding tent?

For the quality of roof lining, Yashang is available to provide two different material options to suit customers’ different budget. One is economical and the other is luxury. Economical lining decoration is made of high gloss satin cloth, none flame retardant but low cost. The luxury lining decorations are made of Trevira CS, a flame retardant material that fulfills the highest requirements. Both the economical lining and luxury lining can be hung onto wire with karabiner hooks, into the available tent profile using the keder, or onto the eave beams with rubber loops. These options make hanging the lining simple and tent 03_副本

For the color of roof lining, Yashang is available to offer many different colors, such as white, red, green and any others. The color of your wedding tent depends on your requirements. Your wedding tent with unique white roof lining decoration will be pure and noble, and when with white and red will be festival and lively. You can choose the color according to your likes and the theme of your tent 04_副本

The roof lining looks more beautiful with the lights on at night. So the next time you should select the beautiful lightings to go with your roof lining.

Dec 06 2013

Beautiful Tents for Wedding

We are happy to share with you these wedding tent photos we got from our customers. This is a magnificent big wedding tent. This tent is open from all sides and provides shelter for a large area. It is beautifully designed and possesses an aesthetical appeal.

The wedding tent is built on an elevated concrete platform, supported with concrete column, and the tent load-bearing upright posts are fixed onto the concrete column using expansion bolts.

The wedding party tents can be decorated with roof lining, wall lining, window curtain, lighting flooring carpet etc.

As a professional wedding tent manufacturer in China, we have supplied numerous wedding tents and marquees to individuals and agencies. At Yashang, from technical drawings, to incoming materials, to in-process quality control, till pre-shipment inspection, we always pay great attention to each and every production to come out with the best wedding party tents with the highest levels of quality, reliability and durability.

Tents packaging can be custom made to meet your specific requirements. If you would like to know more about our export packaging solutions for aluminum frame tents, please feel free to contact us now.

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