Dec 23 2016

Yashang Obtains Praises from Chigo Air Conditioning


As the logistics department minister in Chigo Air Conditioning, Mr. Kuang said, “We can develop so fast because of the help from so many enterprises. On the warehouse construction, we specially thank Yashang for their persevere help.”

Chigo Air Conditioning needs large warehouse to store their new air conditioning. If erecting traditional construction, Chigo needed a large amount of cost, and will also cause unnecessary waste. After deep researching in warehouse tents market, Mr. Kuang selected Yashang because of our professional technology and good service. As the first domestic professional mobile tent manufacturer, Yashang has always been innovative since 2005, customizing and designing for different customers’ actual requirements.

Mr. Kuang said, “We choose Yashang for its professional design and good service. And it comes that we are right. The warehouse construction was completed in the end of 2012. Not only was the construction time short, but it saved a large amount of cost. Although experienced several large Typhoon in these three years, the warehouse construction is undamaged yet.”

During the period of using the warehouse tent, everything of Chigo is OK. When the business changed, Chigo needed adding the HVAC and collision protection facilities. After knowing the news, the engineers from Yashang visit the site and designed the solution for Chigo. The HVAC and collision protection facilities were installed in time, and never influenced the normal use of the warehouse construction.

It’s hard to avoid the accidents when using warehouse tent. But weather it is caused by human factors or others, Yashang is always communicating with our customer in the first time. Based on the actual conditions, our engineers came up with solutions dealing with the damage, and organized professional crews repairing on the site within the shortest time.

Once, a truck knocked down a post of warehouse tent due to the driver’s error. The warehouse central of Chigo got into trouble. Under in time repairing of Yashang, the warehouse central of Chigo was normal operating, without delaying the shipping schedule.

“With the professional technology and good service of Yashang, the storage and transportation business of Chigo is rapid developing in these years. We sincerely thank every crew’s help in Yashang. We believe that Chigo will be better with the partner Yashang.” Mr. Kuang said.

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